Who We Are
Found in 2016, Adswave is a leading global mobile media buy agency in Hong Kong, providing performance-based and high-quality advertising solutions to hundreds of clients from all over the world with creative ideas and innovative technologies.
18 Billion+
Campaign impressions
60 Million+
Offer Conversions
Countries Covered
80 %
Mobile Traffic
Performace Excellence
Seasoned Experts
Our vision is to keep focusing on providing satisfying high quality mobile advertising solutions for our clients, high investment returns for our stakeholders and a fast self-growing working environment for our employees. We want to be recognized for our ability to create perfect solutions by our advanced technology as well as our hard-working, passionate and creative team of rich experience as a leader in this advertising revolution.
- Adswave
What We Do
We provide various high quality mobile advertising services for our clients who aims at reaching an incredible widespread coverage of users and an extremely precise market segmentation.
We are specialized in the segmentation of app download. We have the capability of continuously improving leads and the retention rate, meeting the strict demands of our clients. Also, we are able to guarantee the maximum profitability for our clients by our deep understanding of users�behaviors.
We have an elite facebook advertising team to help clients gain high quality users in the No.1 social network. Everyday, we reach an incredible global coverage with attractive banners and experienced promotion logics.
Accumulating billions of precise data in google, we are specialize in using text ads and display traffics to help clients gain worldwide users of superior quality. Also, continuous optimization and rich experiences guarantee our success of getting big volumes.
Why Choose Us
Big Volumes & Worldwide User Coverage
Much easier and quicker for clients to get wide-spread user coverage.
Extremely Precise Mobile Market Targeting
Billions of accumulated mobile advertising data help client gain every precise user.
Continuous Optimization Brings Superior Quality Users
Providing a services of 7/24 advertising optimization, which guarantees the quantity and the quality of traffics
Advanced Advertising Technology & Unique Promotion Method
We believe in unique and advanced advertising technologies makes us outstanding
An Rich Experienced Team of Hard-working and Passion
We have an ambition of becoming every client’s best partner.